Far South Columbus Area Commission Meeting

Date 2022-07-07
Location3639 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43207

All meetings are open to the public.




Please turn off Cell Phones and make sure your names are spelled correctly on our agenda for our May minute records. When you are called to speak, you may make correction.


Call to order Chair Draudt

  • Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer
  • General Rules of Conduct – Read by Vice Chair Commissioner Richardson
  • Each commissioner will state their name before attendance and their vote.
  • Yes, if you are for the motion
  • No, if you are against the motion,
  • Abstain, you are removing yourself from the vote, or as stated Article XI, C. of By-Laws

Roll Call

  • Recording Secretary Commissioner Miller

Approval of Previous Month’s Minutes

 Treasurer Report


  • Dayna McCrary – Department of Development, City’s new Financial Empowerment Center.
  • Samantha Mohney – Questions and Vote for Commissioner Business Seat

Commission Committee Business:

  • Zonings: Commissioner Walker–Zoning Chair & Vice Chair Commissioner Patterson
    • Z22-035, 3891 S. High Street – Amir from Skillken Gold (Sheetz)
  • Community Outreach: Commissioner Fisher            
  • Economic Development: Commissioner Richardson
  • Education & Public Safety: Commissioner Miller
  • Environmental: Commissioner Neale
  • Executive & Resource: Commissioner Draudt – Approval of letter for Williams Road
  • Health & Human Services: Commissioner YaAshantawa
  • Internal Governance: Commissioner Walcott – Questions for Samantha Mohney, Ace/Iron & Metal and Vote
  • Recreation & Parks: Commissioner Eubanks

 Other Commission Business

  • Old Business
    • Approval vote to support the grant for the E. Williams Road Project.
  • New Business

City Reports

  • Nancy Pryor Sully, Senior Legislative Aide, City Council Division of Community Engagement
  • Katherine CullNeighborhood Liaison, Department of Neighborhoods


  • Motion to adjourn