GCAC Neighborhood Arts Connection Fellowship

The Greater Columbus Arts Council, in collaboration with the city of Columbus, will select one neighborhood in the city each year. Artists from the selected neighborhood are invited to propose an art
project that actively engages the community in that neighborhood. All artistic disciplines are encouraged
to apply. DEADLINE: JUNE 15, 2021

Who is eligible to apply?
This grant program is for individuals across disciplines who meet the following criteria:
• Have permanent residency in the South Side of Columbus (as defined by the Columbus
Department of Neighborhoods – Columbus Southside Area Commission AND Far South Columbus
Area Commission boundaries)
• Are professional, working artists (age 18 and older);
o Definition: individuals who devote a significant portion of their time to the creation of
personal artwork. The professional artist is likely paid for performances, sells their
artwork, or shares their independent body of work with the public on a regular basis.
Individuals working in a creative industry primarily producing commercial work are not
eligible. Artists should be focused on realizing their own creative or aesthetic ideas,
rather than on documentation or journalism. The term “artist” applies broadly across
disciplines, including performing, visual, literary, film, fashion and multi-disciplinary
• Are NOT enrolled as degree-seeking undergraduate students.
NOTE: Award recipients must remain residents of Franklin County for the entire grant period (one year).

What is the fellowship award amount?
Larger projects (based on budget and impact) are eligible for $10,000. Smaller projects (based on budget
and impact) are eligible for $5,000. These funds are intended to cover the costs of the project and
payment to all artists involved. Applicants selected will receive a 1099 for awards $600 and over.

For more details: https://www.gcac.org/grants-services/individual-artist-fellowships/