Franklin County Property Value Appraisal Process

Property Tax Appraisals and Taxes

This is an effort to accurately reflect property value changes in the current real
estate marketplace.
► The Ohio Department of Taxation makes the final determination as to whether
updated property values determined by the Auditor are accurate and acceptable.
► County Auditors may face legal action if the Dept. of Taxation determines
reappraisal values are inaccurate and not subsequently corrected.

Appraisals were mailed in August. Appointments are required for those requesting a review or appeal of proposed values.

Confused? Concerned?
Here’s who to contact:
Franklin County residents are encouraged to contact the Auditor’s office at any time
with questions about the reappraisal or any other issues with which Michael or a
member of the office may be of assistance, either by email at or phone at 614-525-3388.

Download more details here.