Notice from Columbus City Council

New Residential Districting Commission Positions

Council Accepting Applications for the Council Residential Districting Commission 

Commission to Draw Residential Maps Creating Council Districts

[COLUMBUS-OH] The foundation of a strong city is its neighborhoods. In support of amplifying community voices, Columbus City Council today opened applications for the Council Residential Districting Commission (CRDC). The members of this commission will draw the residential district maps of Council.

“As both a neighborhood leader and member of Council, I am thankful to champion this process,” said Councilmember Emmanuel V. Remy. “Creation of the Council Residential Districting Commission represents the first step in accommodating our City’s future of more growth, more inclusion, and greater representation for the Columbus community.”

The application to serve on the commission opened on December 15, 2020, and is available at Candidates must use the online application and applicants may (but are not required to) submit a resume. Submissions must be received by noon on Thursday, January 21, 2021. Email questions to

Council will not review applications from Columbus residents who are elected officials (except precinct committee members), lobbyists registered with the City of Columbus, current candidates for elected office or City of Columbus employees. Please note, submissions are considered public records once accepted. 

In accordance with the Charter requirements, the CRDC will consist of five members, four of whom will be appointed by Council through an application process. The Mayor and Council President will select the final member who will serve as commission chair. The commission members will be selected in February. 

“Serving on the Council Residential Districting Commission is an opportunity to ensure geographic diversity on Council while maintaining neighborhood cohesion,” said Council President Shannon G. Hardin. “We need smart, passionate neighborhood advocates on this commission to help set the foundation for the future of the City’s legislature.”

The commission will be seated no later than March 1, 2021.

The recommendations made by the CRDC will require a vote of Council. However, Council cannot make any changes to the maps except as necessary to ensure compliance with the Charter.