Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert: Auditor Stinziano Warns Residents about Fake Checks

COLUMBUS, Ohio –Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano warned residents about a recent scam where fraudulent checks appearing to come from Franklin County are arriving to unsuspecting individuals across Ohio and in other states.

The checks, dated December 23rd, are all for the amount of $2,950.99, appear to be more than an isolated effort to defraud unwitting individuals and the county.

Due to the Auditor’s office vigilance, a coordinated effort between the Franklin County Sheriff, Treasurer and Auditor are underway. “I take consumer protection seriously, and will assist in prosecuting would-be scammers to the fullest extent of the law,” Stinziano said. “Keeping the residents and businesses of Franklin County safe from fraud while being a good steward of public dollars remains a top priority of this office.”

As there are multiple security measures in place to keep taxpayer dollars safe, there is currently no risk to county funds.

Individuals receiving an unexpected check from the Franklin County Auditor’s office are encouraged to call (614) 525-7346 to verify the validity of the check.