Far South Columbus Area Commission Meeting

Date 2022-01-06
Location2801 Lockbourne Road, Columbus, OH 43207

All meetings are open to the public.



Call to Order 

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Prayer
  • General Rules of Conduct: Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure are followed.
    Discussion is to be respectful. Only Commissioners can bring a motion to the floor and vote. Each commissioner will state their name before their vote.
    ▪ Yes, if you are for the motion
    ▪ No, if you are against the motion,
    ▪ Abstain, you are removing yourself from the vote, or as stated Article XI, C.

Approval of Minutes

Roll Call – Recording Secretary Commissioner Miller

Swearing in of New Commissioners – Attorney Christopher Clark

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Commissioner Walcott

Commission Committee Business

Zoning – Chair Commissioner Walker & Vice Chair Commissioner Patterson

    • BZA21-163 – Zoning Adjustment, 3900 South High Street
    • CV21-125 – Council Variance, 2870 Alum Creek Drive
    • Z21-093 – Rezoning Application, 3075 South High Street
    • Z21-081 – Update – Attorney Donald Plank

Recreation & Parks – Commissioner Walcott

    • Stockbridge Park – Tina Mohn and Rosalie Hendon

Internal Governance – Commissioner Draudt

Health & Human Services – Commissioner YaAshantawa

Community Outreach – Commissioner Fisher

Environmental – Commissioner Neale

Public Safety

Economic Development
Recreation & Parks

Old Business

New Business

  • Ms. Sheila Ann Eubanks
  • Appointments of Standing Committees or Advisors

City Reports

  • Nancy Pryor Sully, Senior Legislative Aide, City Council Division of Community Engagement
  • Beth Fairman Kinney, Neighborhood Liaison, Department of Neighborhoods